YouTube Adds New Connected TV Capabilities

YouTube Adds New Connected TV Capabilities

Google made improvements to its YouTube Connected TV capabilities. These updates allow advertisers to have more confidence in their CTV strategy.

Introducing the second-gen Nest Hub from Google

More control, more entertainment, more help comes with every part of the day on the second generation Nest Hub from Google.

��Effortlessly enjoy all your entertainment. Catch up on your favorite shows, watch YouTube videos, and listen to music on the new Nest Hub’s enhanced speaker. See what’s playing right on the display and play and pause your content with a tap, quick gesture, or “Hey Google.”

��Whole-home control. Turn on the lights, lock the doors, change the temperature all with a tap. The new Nest Hub works with thousands of compatible devices so you can even see who’s at the front without having to be there. Just say, “Hey Google, show me the front door camera.”

��‍♂️Busy days call for easy coordination. You’ll find all the info you need on your display from your calendar to reminders so you can see everything you need to stay on track with just a glance. Ask for the weather or anything else that you might need with just “Hey Google.”

��️When it’s time to bring everyone at home together, make it easy and just say, “Hey Google, broadcast, ‘it’s dinnertime’” and everyone will get the message on their Nest speakers and displays.

��Rise and shine. With Sunrise Alarms, you’ll get a gentler-than-ever wake-up as the display gradually brightens and the alarm clock increases in volume. Combined with Sleep Sensing and Your Evening page, the new Nest Hub will help you wind down easily and wake up more rested. Try a free preview for Sleep Sensing:

Pre-order the second-gen #NestHub at

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