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The Archbishop, who was backed by his predecessor Rowan Williams, denounced popular plans announced by Home Secretary Priti Patel to relocate those coming by dinghy to Rwanda in East Africa.

It also comes amid growing concern that bishops are no longer interested in the faith but instead pushing an awakened agenda.

Currently, there are 26 bishops in the House of Lords known as Lords Spiritual, reflecting the fact that the Queen is the head of the Church of England.

Stephen Cottrell, the Archbishop of York and England’s second-senior cleric after Welby, had backed the attack on Rwandan politics.

Meanwhile, recently revealed how the Bishop of London Sarah Mullally was accused of blocking GB News presenter Calvin Robinson’s ordination to the priesthood because he is a Tory.

The curatorship of black trainee priest Mr Robinson has been blocked after he took issue with claims that the Church is institutionally racist made by white bishops and defended the late covid hero Captain Sir Tom Moore , of another priest claiming he was at the center of a “white cult”.

The poll showed that more than 60% of all age groups except those over 65 want the Bishops of Parliament.

The number fell to 45% for those over 65.

And three-quarters of people with a degree or higher education want the bishops gone.

Boris Johnson recently criticized Archbishop Welby for his attack on Rwandan politics and noted that he was unable to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin by name.

Conservative MPs also weighed in.

A Tory MP said: ‘They’re not about God, they’re just the new revival religion.’

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Dudley North MP Marco Longhi said: ‘A huge number of people are rightly upset by AOC Welby’s latest foray into politics. But he’s entitled to his opinion, and I’m entitled to mine. At least I have an elected office and I certainly disagree with his assertion of what is “ungodly”. Only God knows that, and he shouldn’t assume he knows what God knows. I am in my humble opinion.

“Some might think that the abuse and cover-up of child-abusing clergy is not godly. Explaining the very sharp drop in church attendance might be a better focus for him.

“It is time to reform the House of Lords.”

North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen said: ‘It is very clear that the Archbishop of Canterbury was out of step with most of his followers with his ill-advised comments on the government’s immigration plan.

“It is important that our religious leaders provide spiritual guidance, but we cannot forget that guidance is often clouded by their own perceptions and biases. Religion is always open to interpretation, that’s one of its strengths and allows it to evolve over time, but because it is, we shouldn’t give too much credit to a religious leader specifically.

“It is not surprising that people question the right of bishops to sit in the House of Lords. We want spiritual leadership, not political activism.”


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But a Church of England spokesperson said: ‘Bishops in the House of Lords – or Lords Spiritual – make a unique, non-partisan political contribution rooted in the Church’s role as a Christian presence in all communities in England.

“Their presence in Parliament not only reflects our constitutional arrangement – an established church with Her Majesty The Queen as ‘Supreme Governor’ – but also provides a unique day-to-day ethical and religious perspective on the affairs of the day.

“They are not whipped or toeing a party line and voting as a bloc, but playing a full and constructive part in the role of the House of Lords in reviewing and helping to improve legislation.

“They have been active in recent years in areas as diverse as addressing gambling-related harm; women in prison; preserve freedom of expression and help refugees.

“The Lords Spiritual are also the only members of the Lords whose numbers are limited; who have a fixed retirement age and who, by virtue of their own dioceses, effectively represent a specific area of ​​the country”.

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