Why Your PPC Agency Might Push Back on Your Requests

Why Your PPC Agency Might Push Back on Your Requests

It's the job of your PPC agency to question requests that run counter to your goals – even if they sound logical on the surface.

How To Start a Google Ads PPC Agency W/ Mark Kelly

Tips and Tricks for Starting Your Own PPC Agency

Hey everyone and welcome back to the channel. Today we are joined by Mark Kelly to discuss starting a PPC Agency. We will learn about Mark’s beginnings in starting his own PPC agency, we will learn about all of the useful software and tools that he used and currently uses to maximize the effectiveness of his agency. We will learn different strategies for prospecting potential clients, and get some helpful tips and tricks for running an agency through an economic recession.

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Mark Kelly
Inbound Revenue

0:00 Intro
0:15 How To Start A Google Ads Agency
5:19 What Tools To Use When Starting A Google Ads Agency
10:14 How To Prospect Clients As A Google Ads Agency
17:33 Running A Google Ads Agency During Economic Downturn
22:37 How To Start A Google Ads Agency Tips And Tricks
29:10 Outro

1. Google Ads Agency Owners Roundtable | Competitive Niche’s, Ad Copy & How To Grow Your Agency
2. Google Ads Agency Client Accounts | Agency Owned Vs Client Owned
3. Google Ads Agency Roundtable | PPC Owners Talk Shop
4. How Hiring Google Ads Agency Can Improve YOUR Sales Process

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These are our key values our employees have and what we look for in our agency. Sense of humour, optimism, drive… and many more. What you need for a successful PPC Ad Agency is this!

Adwords training and PPC (pay per click) video lesson for the beginner. The ultimate AdWords video tutorial brought to you by the Google certified PPC experts at Adventure Media

Everything you need to know about Google AdWords … for the complete beginner. Learn how you can launch your very own successful campaign today!

Google AdWords is the most powerful and customizable internet advertising platform in the world, and millions of businesses are driving consistent and reliable PPC traffic to their sites on a daily basis.

You’ll learn the basics of conversion rates, and how to optimize your campaigns so your Google ads are always at the top of their game.

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The 7 Warning Signs Your PPC Campaign Is Being Mismanaged / GNGF Marketing Tips

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Google Ads history report – https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2454137
Google Ads keyword match types – https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/7478529?hl=en

We see it all the time, paid ad campaigns turn into muddled messes because they’re just not being handled the RIGHT way. Are you letting your Pay-Per-Click campaign be mismanaged by your agency?

In this video, Mark Homer outlines the 7 things you need to look out for to keep your paid advertising campaign working the way it should. PPC can be a great tool to add to your holistic marketing strategy, but it can quickly go downhill if those clicks you’re paying for aren’t turning into clients.

Leads are great, but the wrong leads can be worse than no leads at all. So, learn how to stop paying for the wrong leads and how to use pay-per-click to improve your SEO.

Let PPC lead your hunt for keywords for your search engine optimization campaigns.

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – About PPC (Pay Per Click)
02:38 – 7 Signs of Mismanaged PPC Campaigns
02:47 – Cost-Per-Lead
04:30 – Tracking Your Metrics
07:04 – Your Agency’s Activity
08:55 – PPC Traffic to Your Home Page?
09:56 – Optimizing and Bidding on Keywords
11:20 – “Always Be Testing”
12:30 – Google Ad Extensions
14:29 – GNGF Can Help

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GNGF—or Get Noticed Get Found—strives to put the Law Firm back in Law Firm Marketing

We are a full-service marketing agency that has only worked with law firms across the U.S. for over seven years.
We believe that you cannot have long-term success in your law firm business unless you are involved in the marketing process. That means full transparency from your legal marketing agency about what they’re doing for you, in addition to collaboration with the law firm.

The most successful GNGF client is not looking to just throw money over the wall and magically appear at the top of the search engines.

Our best clients want to work with us on their law firm business goals and map those to yearly marketing goals.

They communicate with us during regular calls to have transparent conversations about how we are meeting the goals. And yes, sometimes, when the goals are not being hit, diving into the why and what needs to be adjusted.

Our most successful clients understand that while we can take a lot of the marketing tasks off of their plate, they still need to be involved in strategy, branding, and content marketing ideation and approval.

While we provide general marketing consulting for law firms, including law firm branding, we provide full-service task execution on all things digital: websites, content marketing, SEO, Google Adwords, social media strategy, and more.


We believe that an education-first approach is best when we are working with lawyers to grow a law practice with techniques that are not taught in law school, such as marketing, technology, intake process, social media, practice management software, and more.

We have boiled down our years of experience into a methodology of success in law firm marketing called The GNGF Way.

We are dedicated to educating the legal industry about marketing, whether it is through a free consultation call, or presenting CLEs and presentations at legal events.

We understand that many lawyers enjoy the business and marketing side of running a law practice, so we created education offerings, tools, and services to help these “DIY-ers” too. Through our popular blog, best-selling book, GNGF-Live Q &A sessions on Facebook, or our Legal Marketing Community — we want to help law firms of all sizes grow their business.

The way each of our team members works with our clients is represented in our core values:
• Grit: persist with purpose and finish strong
• Empathy: respect, support, and care for each other and our clients
• Transparency: Communicate openly, even when it’s tough
• Integrity: Do the right thing, always
• Drive: Don’t fear failure and strive to grow

We feel these core values have led to GNGF winning many awards, including but not limited to the BBB Torch Award for marketplace ethics, Cincinnati’s Best Place to Work, and American Marketing Association Pinnacle award.
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This video is about the pitfalls to watch out for in your paid advertising campaign.

Why Your Amazon PPC May Not Be Working As Well in 2022

There are many reasons why your Amazon PPC campaign may not be performing well or resulting in actual conversions, and if you’ve been running Amazon PPC ads for a while now, you’re probably seeing them perform worse than ever. Make sure to watch this video to learn why your Amazon PPC is not working and how you can pivot and implement an Amazon advertising strategy that works better at this point in 2022 to get you a lower ACoS, higher return on ad spend, and a higher conversion rate to keep the momentum up. These alternative Amazon ad strategies include external ad platforms, deep linking, and more. Don’t miss these Amazon marketing strategies and make sure to implement these tips to get lower-cost traffic, boost your sales, and do what your competition isn’t doing to keep their Amazon business profitable and scaling.

Ian Smith with Evolve Media Agency

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