US bishops call for action after pro-life church and pregnancy attacks

Since the leak in Dobbs, a case that could overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that legalized abortion nationwide, “charitable organizations that support pregnant women in need were burned down, and pro-life organizations were attacked almost daily and terrorized, and even the the lives of Supreme Court Justices have been directly threatened,” the US Church leaders noted.

Dolan and Lori insisted that, in response, “each of us must choose the path of peace and open our hearts to the love God has for his children.”

The bishops Explain the Catholic Church offers a great service to all who need it.

“The Catholic Church has a long history of service to those most vulnerable, including mother and child, and remains the largest private provider of social services in the United States,” the two stressed. “From faith communities to pregnancy care centers, from refugee resettlement services to foster care and adoption agencies, and from maternity homes to parish ministries, the Church constantly bears witness in word and deed to the beauty and of the dignity of every human life.”

This press release follows the recent announcement by the U.S. Bishops of their upcoming Religious Freedom Week. From June 22, they invite the faithful to pray in a special way for a culture of life in the midst of attacks on churches.

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