Township of Lancaster. bids for church building, garbage collection | Community News

When: August 9 supervisors meeting.

What happened: The council has opened two bids – one for a church building the township is selling and the other for a contract to collect and recycle residential garbage. The final decision on the acceptance of the offers is pending in both cases.

Church building: The township has received a bid for the former site of Christ Church at 551 Abbeyville Road. The nomination comes from the Way of Jesus Academy, a school ministry of the Way of Jesus Fellowship Anabaptist Church in Lancaster. The township acquired the property for $1.34 million in February as a potential home for the Lancaster Township Fire Department, but officials later decided not to use it for that purpose. Township Manager Bill Laudien said Way of Jesus’ $1.55 million purchase offer will cover the $1.34 million purchase plus $100,000 in repairs the township has invested in the property. Laudien said the Jesus Way offer will be reviewed in detail pending board acceptance.

Trash contract: Laudien said the township had received four offers for waste collection, all of which were higher than expected. The council accepted Laudien’s proposal to revise the specifications and relaunch the contract in the interest of reducing prices and offsetting an increase in residential costs.

Residents protest: Atkins Avenue resident Suzanna Stoltzfus and others protested a long-standing problem of invasive weeds on two lots near the corner of Elwood and Elm Avenues. Laudien said the township will address this issue.

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