This Hastings church building could be demolished and replaced with houses

In an application to Hastings Borough Council, claimant Victory 1066 Ltd is seeking planning permission to demolish St Anne’s Church in Chambers Road and build five two-bedroom houses in its place.

Built between 1950 and 1965, planning documents say the church building is considered redundant after being sold by the Church of England last year.

St Anne’s Church in Chambers Road could soon be demolished

In a statement submitted as part of the application, a spokesperson for the claimant said: ‘St Anne’s Church is no longer required as a place of worship and has been sold by the Church of England.

“Prior to the sale in 2021, the church had not been used for regular worship by the church for a period of more than ten years, although a small church group met there once a year. week before the March 2020 covid restrictions.

“This group was offered space in the main parish church ‘Church in the Wood’ but decided to continue in one of the members’ houses and fully supported the sale of the building as members of the Council of the parish church.”

In the plans filed, the five homes would be serviced by nine off-street parking spaces, five of which would be allocated.

The houses would be arranged in two terraces, one consisting of three properties and the other consisting of two.

The spokesperson added: “The site is sustainably located within the built-up area of ​​Hastings. The proposed housing would fit in with and complement the residential area in which it is located in terms of scale, location and appearance and there are no identifiable negative impacts associated with the proposed development.

“The proposal would effectively use a ‘brownfield’ site for housing and increase the supply of housing in an area where there is an undersupply of deliverable housing sites, which adds weight to the acceptability of the housing development. on the site.”

For more information on the proposals, see application reference HS/FA/22/00028 on the Hastings Borough Council website.

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