The Conference of Catholic Bishops asks the faithful to declare their faith in the national census

The Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (MKPK) is asking its faithful to indicate their faith in the national census to be carried out in the fall, the organization said after its regular summer assembly on Thursday.

“The church is the mysterious manifestation of the body of Christ, so in this way if we speak of the Christian faith, we also speak of Christ, whose confession is our calling,” the MKPK said in a statement.

The MKPK noted in connection with the war in Ukraine that its charity had provided aid in various forms to refugees.

Their 950 volunteers and 150 permanent employees assisted nearly 15,000 war refugees at the Barabás border crossing point.

The charity has delivered 150 million forints (380,000 euros) in aid containing food, hygiene and childcare products, medical supplies and vans, in partnership with the Catholic charity of Mukachevo (Munkács), he said.

The Hungarian charity has also launched a long-term aid program to support war refugees staying in Hungary.

It will provide them with assistance in finding housing and employment, general administration and enrollment of children in schools, with a view to facilitating their integration and helping them start a new life, the MKPK said.

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Source: MTI

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