Rahi at the end of the spiritual retreat of the Maronite bishops: the preservation of Lebanon requires awareness, education and loyalty of all groups

Patriarch Rahi presided over the closing Mass of the annual spiritual retreat of Maronite bishops from Lebanon and countries of emigration, which was held this morning at the “Church of Our Lady” in Bkerke.

In his religious sermon, Rahi considered that “the law of coexistence is nothing other than the practice of fraternity horizontally, and filiation to the same father vertically”, recalling that “Lebanon existed to be a example of a sovereign nation, free and neutral vis-à-vis its environment”. and the world, and a symbol of equality and partnership among all its citizens on the basis of the Constitution and the Charter.”

He added: “We want Lebanon to be a strong and impregnable democratic state, with its institutions, its people, its army, its impartial judicial system and its healthy Arab and international relations.”

“I want our leaders and politicians in Lebanon to understand the value and uniqueness of this country, which we find in the Constitution, the National Charter (1943) and the principles of the Taif Accord,” Rahi said.

The Patriarch stressed that “the preservation of Lebanon, its idealism and its mission in the East and in the world, requires awareness, education and loyalty of all Lebanese groups, especially those who serve public affairs. “.

“May the forgiveness of our sins at the end of this spiritual exercise be the beginning of a new pattern in our lives, so that we may shine before our people as men of prayer, love and mercy”, concluded Rahi.

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