New plans submitted for new church in Northwich

PLANS for a replacement church building in Northwich could change after a contractor winds up and building costs soar.

Planning chiefs for Cheshire West and Chester in 2020 authorized the destruction of the Evangelical Emmanuel Church on Old Hall Road in Leftwich and the construction of a new and improved structure in its place.

The construction of a new community space and a café was also to be part of the project in order to “dramatically open up the opportunities for the community”.

A steel frame for the new structure has since been erected, but the responsible contractor went into liquidation and the church had to appoint a replacement – ​​Mayway Construction – to complete the work.

Now, an application has been filed with the council to change certain conditions of the original authorization.

A letter submitted in support stated: “Since the previous authorization was granted, the material, labor and all costs associated with the work have increased.

Progress of the new building in April 2022 (Google)

“In addition, the new architect has identified elements of the authorized scheme which would not comply with building regulations and the church has agreed to other minor changes to improve the usability of the site.”

Some of the proposed changes include:

  • Removed trail from car park at Old Hall Road
  • Creation of a new access to the church from the car park
  • Loss of a parking space and creation of three new spaces for the disabled
  • Repositioning of the main entrance door

The letter indicates that the previous footprint and height of the new approved church would remain the same.

The planning statement submitted in support of the approved original plans stated: “Due to the poor layout, outdated building standards and poor design aesthetics of the building, church management decided to explore the replacement of the church with a new building and community facility.

“Over the past four decades, the church has forged many close ties within the community, but wishes to foster closer relationships and be of greater help to the local people.

“The new building would significantly open up opportunities for the community, helping to build social cohesion as well as social, physical, cultural, environmental and spiritual well-being in an underserved area.”

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