New Life Church builds new facility in Santa Rosa Beach on Moll Drive

Surrounded by exposed beams and rafters, more than 200 people came to witness the blessing of the building on August 7 for New Life Church.

New Life Church, led by pastors Shawn and Holly Baker, is building a new facility at 238 Moll Drive in Santa Rosa Beach near Helen McCall Park.

The church started about five years ago in Baker’s home in Santa Rosa Beach and quickly grew and moved to two renovated warehouses on North Geronimo Street in Miramar Beach where they currently meet.

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And now the church is on the move again with the construction of a 32,000 square foot building on Moll Road.

Pastor Shawn Baker delivers a word of blessing on the new Santa Rosa Beach facility and congregation during a building blessing service.

“Tonight is a miracle moment,” said pastor Shawn Baker. “Tonight is 48 months of radical faith coming to fruition, that’s what tonight is.”

The church family gathered in what will be the new sanctuary for a moment of praise and worship before leaving their mark on the walls before the drywall was put up.

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“Tonight is a night of blessing. It’s a night of proclamation,” Shawn Baker said.

Each person in attendance was given a Sharpie to write a message of encouragement, scripture, blessing or dedication on the open interior walls and beams of the church.

There were food trucks for those who attended the building blessing service at the new site of New Life Church in Santa Rosa Beach.

“As the Bible says, it would be written for a generation to come, that a people yet to be created might praise the Lord,” Shawn Baker said. “What’s written on these walls tonight will speak to future generations. … that’s what tonight is about.

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People were encouraged to move throughout the facility.

“We’ve never done this before…it’s been a nice experience,” said Randy Hinesley, who attends New Life and lives at Mary Esther.

People brought lawn and beach chairs to sit for the blessing of the building at the New Life Church site.

“It’s just an absolutely fabulous church. We have never found a church like this,” Hinesley said of the structure.

“We will cherish the memory for sure…just to be here and remember everything…and all the praise and promise that God promises us,” Tammra Hinesley said.

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People were wondering all over the facility to write paperwork and statements.

New Life member Dee Chernicky found her way to what will be the media room in the new facility.

New Life Church Worship Arts Pastor Jenelle Martin led the assembled people in some songs of worship and praise during the blessing of the building.

“It’s amazing that I’m part of a move of God, not just for a city, not just for a nation, but for a world,” Chernicky said. “This is the media room and God commissions us; he tells us to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

Chernicky said it’s not just about “our city,” it’s about “all cities.”

“We declare it by putting it on the walls,” she said.

Liz Nieves, executive administrative assistant at New Life Church, writes in Spanish about the structure.

Pastor Baker was overwhelmed with attendance at the event.

“I didn’t expect hundreds of people to come just for a building blessing,” he said. “But this is what it looks like when we bring the three services together. It is simply magnificent. It’s good and bad at the same time.

“The good news is that we had a lot of people. The bad news is that we are already fully booked in the new building,” added Shawn Baker.

There was a floor plan posted at the entrance for all to see how the new New Life Church facility is planned.

New Life Church currently has three services at its premises on Geronimo Street in Miramar Beach, at 8:15 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Sundays, and then at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays.

When completed, the new place of worship will be state of the art. The exterior will be made of stucco and Jerusalem stone, blending the ancient and modern worlds.

People wrote words of encouragement and scriptures on the walls, beams and open structures of the new facility on Moll Road in Santa Rosa Beach.

Shawn Baker explained that the entire facility is being built with strategic biblical inspiration throughout the complex, from an outdoor fountain and baptism to a chandelier in the shape of a burning bush from the book of the Exodus in the hall.

At the end, the church will offer a community-wide open house. Plans must be in the facility by January 2023.

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