Mararina inaugurates a new church

A congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in PNG opened a new church over the weekend after seven years of construction.

Huon-Gulf MP and District Development Authority (DDA) Chairman Ross Seymour, Wampar Chairman Giuka Boroas and DDA Church Representative Gawas Moaitz officially cut the ribbon to open the new building of the church for the Mararina congregation in the parish of St Ben in the circuit of Wampar.

Mararina Congregation pastor Yatapsa Binganu led the blessing of the new church and led the devotion for the official opening.

St Ben’s Parish President Simeon Gurup said the church was built with contributions from congregation members, fundraising activities and financial assistance from Huon-Gulf DDA at a cost of 149,150K.

He said having a good church for worship, organizing other spiritual activities and organizing church programs is a dream of their ancestors which they achieved through hard work, sweat and commitment.

Mr Gurup said construction started in 2015 and took some time due to challenges, but the loyalty of congregation members raised 95,183K, including two sister congregations supporting with almost 4 000K, and Huon-Gulf DDA donating 50,000K to complete the church building.

“We are grateful for the timely assistance of our MP Seymour,” he said.

“I would like to thank everyone in the congregation at St Ben’s Parish for their faithfulness in supporting this church building in many ways we can, and I’m glad that at least we got the project started before asking for help. help to finish it.”

Mr. Seymour commended the Mararina congregation for taking ownership of their church and providing the necessary financial support.

He said that’s what all churches should do if they want to have a new church.

Mr Boroas challenged other congregations in the parishes of St Timothy and Wawas to follow the example of the Mararina congregation when initiating church projects for their congregation.

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