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In church architecture, there are important moves that church leaders should consider before embarking on a church building project, renovation, or remodel. We asked Marian Liautaud, Chief Marketing Officer of Aspen Group, to identify the top trends.

1. Let there be light

For decades, black box sanctuaries have been all the rage. These highly controlled environments, devoid of windows and natural light, allow production teams to select lights, sound and visuals for an emotional worship experience, free from distractions from the outside world. Today, however, worshipers, and especially millennials, prefer a less produced worship experience and they yearn for nature as a way to experience God.

“We’re seeing churches reclaiming places of worship from the Dark Ages,” says Dave Wilde, senior project architect for Aspen Group. “The black box is dead. The windows are here.”

“We forgot about the exterior when we closed all the blinds,” says Derek DeGroot, Aspen’s chief architect…

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