‘Inappropriate’ photos of daughter outside church building get dad scolded by Facebook friend

Screenshots via Reddit @ArtByBriannaJoy

A conversation about modesty in church – even for people standing outside the building – gained momentum online after a woman posted images of herself wearing an evening dress and posing outside a Catholic church next to Facebook messages her father received after he shared the photos.

The woman, named Brianna, took to Reddit and wrote“I posted these photos on Facebook from a gala I went to last weekend and here’s the DM my dad got.”

“I’m sending this private message because I don’t want to post publicly,” the message read. “I am deeply saddened and disturbed that you and Brianna are posing in front of [redacted] Catholic Church. I guess I really don’t mind using the church as a backdrop, but several of her photos, appearing to show her legs, seem inappropriate.

“Would you pose like this in front of [redacted] Baptist Church? I do not think so. I attend [redacted] and that’s why I’m sensitive. I suggest you delete these few [pictures in] which she poses with much of her leg visible,” the post continued. “She’s a beautiful lady!”

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After some time with no response, the person followed up with another message.

“This is my second message…Brianna is beautiful. But I am offended by the provocative poses in front of [redacted] church. This is disrespectful to everyone in the Catholic Church and simply unacceptable. Please remove these provocative poses from your posts,” the post read.

Later in the Reddit thread, Brianna clarified, “I’m a photographer and I’ve taken thousands of photos in front of this church, and every time the pastor or church elder saw me and my customers, they have been nothing but kind, welcoming and loving. It doesn’t matter how I or my client look.

“They even offered to use the interior as a backdrop and invited us inside to eat with them,” Brianna added. “I always ask permission to photograph there when I see a leader or elder and they are always happy that we are there and use their beautiful church as a backdrop. This is not a representation of religion or church, which I guess is why those messages she sent my dad bother me.

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Brianna further said she was in the area for a charity gala and headed to the church building to take some pictures, adding, “I’m incredibly insecure and I haven’t been photographed for years and it was my opportunity to do what I always wanted to do.

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