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Although the bill is unlikely to pass this time around, it is seen by supporters as the first attempt to end undemocratic interference by a powerful elite that has mostly seats in the Parliament for the rest of her life, unless she chooses to retire.

Mr Maynard is believed to have long opposed the Lords due to his undemocratic nature and is not only swayed by the debacle following the 2016 EU referendum, where peers worked with Remainer MPs to try to cancel the result.

He said: “In the 21st century, it seems silly to be ruled by a group of unelected people.

“We have seen massive issues that have had to be considered by Parliament in recent years, including Brexit, and the right of people to have a say in who governs them and makes those decisions.

“It is wrong to have a group of unelected people making these decisions who cannot be overruled by voters like MPs.”

Trying to block Brexit isn’t the only problem caused by peers like Lord Adonis and former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine.

Peers recently overturned legislation aimed at cracking down on extremist protesters from the Xtinction Rebellion and associated groups like Insulate Britain, who have disrupted the transport network by blocking roads and railways.

The Lords protecting them were not even moved by the fact that ambulances taking very sick people to hospital were blocked from passing by the protesters.

Meanwhile, Lord Adonis, who was never elected to Parliament, and other members of the European Movement are using the House of Lords as a platform to try to bring Britain back into the EU.

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More recently, unelected peers have threatened to halt attempts to change the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights.

The ruling is needed to help protect Britain’s borders and prevent foreign courts like the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) from making binding rulings on the UK as it did earlier this month. here to prevent a deportation flight to Rwanda.

Church of England bishops led by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby have also used being in the Lords without a Democratic mandate as a platform to attack the government on a number of issues, including the deportations from Rwanda.

Outside Iran, Britain is the only country with unelected clerics as part of its legislature with 25 bishops gaining seats due to a medieval heritage.


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Other Tory MPs, including Ashfield’s Lee Anderson, also said it would have to wait until the bishops win a seat in parliament.

Currently, there are 767 members of the Lords, more than the 650 MPs elected to the Commons.

Among these are 83 Lib Dems even though in the 219 general elections they only won 12 seats.

The largest group is the Conservative with 257, 184 independent crossbenchers and 168 Labour.

Proponents of the Lords point out that it is a ‘house of review’ which cannot block legislation if it was in a government’s election manifesto.

The Parliament Act can be used in these circumstances to override the Lords’ veto.

It is also claimed that experts who would not normally stand for election in science, finance and business, the arts and academia can win seats in the Lords.

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