Google Ads Creative Studio Now Available To All Advertisers

Google Ads Creative Studio Now Available To All Advertisers

Advertisers can utilize Google Ads Creative Studio to create customized ads more cost-effectively.

How To Run Google Ads For Creative Agency

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I’m currently working on a rebrand for my creative agency. We specialize in video production. Okay. The company is called Super Llama. What would you recommend for getting started with Google Ads? I would recommend video ads. My friend, there is no excuse for you guys not to create videos because you’re in video production, Right? You’ll see how many videos I have uploaded to my channel over the last few years. I think we got over 1600 videos now over the last four years. So every day we are uploading content.

Twice a week, I go live like this to build up trust and to reach out to my audiences and get found by my audience. So if you want to really leverage your lead generation, I would highly, highly recommend you start with video ads. That is a no-brainer for me. I would say 85% to 90% of our own Google Ads budget goes on video ads because they perform really well. Not many people are doing it. The cost per acquisition is very low, and the intent is there. The quality of leads is really good. So, all in all, it’s a win-win situation for me. So I would recommend that you do that as well.

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Google Ads Creative Studio

Google Ads Creative Studio

Google has launched a new creative tool called ‘Ads Creative Studio’. This is designed to bring together multiple creative tools.

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“Google Ads Creative Studio will incorporate Director Mix, Dynamic Display & HTML5 creation tools, Audio Mixer and Dynamic Audio tools and a Project Library. Director Mix is a tool which will allow brands to create video assets at scale.

There will be a library for your assets and for your projects to help streamline creative management. This allows you to have an easy resource of approved assets for everyone to pull from when making creative. Then different teams can collaborate on projects in the project tab.

This tool is designed to improve collaboration, but if you prefer your original tools then those aren’t going away. From Google Ads Creative Studio, you can export your finished ads to Google Ads, Display & Video 360 or Campaign Manager 360. ”

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Smooth Scaling for Ad Creative: Introducing Google Ads Creative Studio

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On this week on Marketing O’Clock, creativity meets productivity in Google’s Ads Creative Studio. Plus, Instagram lets creators publish subscriber-only posts, YouTube Elects to update its political content policy, and Facebook will allow users to have multiple profiles.

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Google Ads Creative Studio – 9:32

Instagram Subscriptions – 13:18

Google Revises Election Ads Policy for YouTube – 15:22

Meta Allows for Multiple Profiles – 17:02

�� Take of the Week – Rob Bettis – 20:49

�� ICYMI – Diogo A. da Silva – 23:08

⚡ Lightning Round ⚡
Paid -25:56
Organic – 31:02
Social – 42:26

⚙️ Working Hard, or Hardly Working – 49:50

��️ Cool Tool – Loom – 52:31

�� Must Read Marketing Article of the Week – Glenn Gabe (OGGG) – 53:12

�� Shootin’ the Heck – 55:11

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