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Denny’s brand new home in Thrissur is a splendid abode where the classic features of traditional architecture meet the chic of contemporary styling. The owner who runs a business in Dubai hired renowned architect MM Jose to design a comfortable home on the land he inherited as his ancestral property. The family wanted the house to look simple and minimal on the outside. In the meantime, they wanted spacious and expansive interiors. They had decided to build a one-storey house because the family is living abroad and would only be home for the holidays. The elevation of this house dons the elegant features of the Kerala architectural style while the interiors boast of modern amenities.

Short perimeter walls were built to take advantage of the dramatic beauty of the elevation of the road. Also, the aesthetically designed landscape perfectly complements the elegant appearance of the elevation. The cobblestone-paved driveway, lush green lawns, beautiful garden and rows of shady trees add a unique charm to the landscape. The GI truss roof was installed on a flat roof. Additionally, tiles have been paved over the truss roof to give a traditional charm. These high quality imported tiles are durable and can easily withstand the tropical climate of Kerala.

Most of the trees in the expansive plot have been retained to add a green canopy around the structure. There is a rice field behind the house. The interior spaces have been designed to receive the cool breeze that arrives from the field. For example, sentinel glass windows were installed on one wall of the back bedroom. These glass windows are sturdy and can be opened from the sides.

Designed on 5,600 square feet, this incredible mansion features a front porch, sitting area, formal and family living areas, dining area, kitchen with work area, and four bedrooms. The long sit-out is an attractive feature. A seating area has also been set up here to enjoy the calming view of the green landscape.

Open interiors look and feel spacious. The dining room and the kitchen are visually connected, while enjoying sufficient privacy.

The interior walls are mainly white in color. However, the gray upholstery works on the sit-out walls and the formal living room adds the perfect contrast breaking up the monotony.

The great elegance of the Italian marble flooring enhances the overall ambience of the interiors. Meanwhile, custom furniture with a leather finish was used in common areas.

Sentry glass windows are also installed in one wall in the formal living room. The beautiful views of nature outside could be captured from here through this window.

A central courtyard, as in traditional houses, has been laid out in this house. Interestingly, the common spaces are designed around the courtyard. The courtyard dormer roof brings abundant natural light into the home.

The rooms are spacious and efficient. The en-suite bedrooms have wardrobes for storage and separate dressing rooms.

The kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are made of wood with a laminate finish and lacquered glass. The counter was paved with white nano.

The family are delighted that their simple one-story home has become the talk of the town for its stylish features and spacious interiors.

Project Facts

Location – Kundai, Thrissur

Owner – Denny Pappachan and Preethy

Area – 5600 SFT

Architect – Mr. M. José

Architects Mindscpae, Pala

Telephone: 04822 213 970

Mobile: 94476 59970

Year of completion: 2021

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