Catholic bishops in DR Congo denounce “deteriorating security” and call for collective action

They add: “In Ituri as in North Kivu, despite the state of emergency and several measures taken by the authorities to secure our country, we see that the number of deaths has only increased”.

The leaders of the Catholic Church deplore that “the international community and the regional organizations which have the levers to bring justice to the Congolese people display a hypocritical attitude which reveals a certain complicity”.

In their four-page statement titled “The time is critical. Our country is in danger,” say members of CENCO, the Central African nation “is witnessing in the western part, particularly in the territories of Kwamouth and Bagata, a large-scale intercommunity land conflict between the Teke and the non -Teke (mainly Yaka) who have always lived in harmony.

“Hundreds of people have lost their lives and many are forced to wander and live in dire conditions. Curiously, this situation persists despite the deployment of the police”, deplore the Catholic bishops of the DRC.

They add: “In central Kongo, particularly in Kimpangu, Mbanza-Ngungu and Sona-Bata, many of our compatriots are expelled from their villages, their houses destroyed and, even more seriously, their cemeteries desecrated, because their lands are sold. , in defiance of their rights, to unidentified foreigners”.

In the context of the challenges highlighted, CENCO members declare: “Our nation is in danger! If we are not careful, we will wake up one morning with a country balkanized in one way or another.

“There is a great risk that the country will be broken up. It is therefore imperative that each of us assume our civic responsibilities,” add the Catholic bishops of the DRC.

They call on the government to ensure that the most fundamental right to life is protected, that the security of all citizens is guaranteed and that the territorial integrity of the country is safeguarded.

To do this, say the members of CENCO, “the collective effort is necessary and must be effective”.

“It is imperative to reduce the cost of living of our institutions and our leaders in order to strengthen our means of defence, to modernize and equip our army accordingly and to motivate our security forces”, they add.

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