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By Matters India Reporter

Kochi, October 15, 2022: Catholic Bishops in Kerala have warned people against rising occult practices following reported cases of human sacrifice in the southern Indian state.

“No civilized society can imagine such horrific killings. We are shocked,” Fr. Jacob G Palakkappilly, spokesman for the Kerala Council of Catholic Bishops (KCBC), told Matters India on October 13, two days after the gruesome murders came to light following an investigation into the missing complaint of one of the women.

According to the police, two middle-aged women have been sacrificed for prosperity and wealth in the past four months in Pathanamthitta district.

“Nothing but shocked. It happened in Kerala,” said Supreme Court Advocate Sister Jessy Kurian, reacting to reports of human sacrifice in a state that boasts the highest literacy rate and a model of female empowerment in India.

Police have arrested the prime suspect, Mohammad Shafi aka Rasheed, a black magick practitioner, and Bhagaval Singh, a traditional healer, and his wife, Laila, in connection with the double murders.

They were brought before the Ernakulam District and Sessions Court (Kochi) on October 12 and remanded in custody for 14 days.

According to the police, Rasheed, with the help of a fake Facebook account posing as a woman, got in touch with the other defendants and offered them wealth and prosperity through tantric rituals.

As the couple fell into the trap and started to trust their Facebook friend who directed them to a Tantric (Rasheed himself) who could help them perform the rituals.

Rasheed suggested they sacrifice two wives and agreed to arrange them for 300,000 rupees.

According to the plan, the trio identified Roslin and Padma, both lottery ticket sellers, and offered them roles in films for a payment of 1 million rupees each.

It is believed that Roslin was sacrificed on June 8 and Padma on September 26 and their dismembered body parts were buried in the premises of their home.

The women, according to the police, were taken to the house of Singh who tied them to a bed on the pretext that it was for the shooting and cut off their breasts and inflicted several wounds on their bodies in the middle of the chant mantras and finally cut off their heads. .

The media also said that Rasheed sexually exploited the two women before killing them. He also had sex with Laila while her husband watched on the pretext that it was part of the ritual. They also allegedly ate some of the victims’ body parts.

Kochi Police Commissioner CH Nagaraju told media that the accused admitted to the crime.

Reacting to reports that they cooked and ate the flesh of their victims, police said the team was looking for evidence. The team examines 61 bundles of body parts, including 56 found in a single pit and five skeletal parts in another. Samples for DNA testing are to be taken, the officer said.

Rasheed, police said, was a psychopath and sexual pervert, who was named in 10 cases of rape, attempted murder and robbery.

Father Palakkappilly said this incident should be treated as a wake-up call to everyone in the state.

“The government must put its intelligence agencies on high alert against the rise of occult practices as part of faith in the state,” the priest said.

“Now we see different types of occult practices within the framework of religious faith and in most cases people are unable to tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong,” the official lamented. ‘Church.

The priest also suggested that political and religious leaders in the state take proactive measures to prevent people from being trapped in superstitious acts.

Sister Kurian, writing on her Facebook page, questioned Kerala’s claims of being a progressive society.

“The exploitation of women under the pretext of faith occurs in all religions, but to different degrees. There too it is the exploitation of women but by promising money to play in a film”, she writes.

Some women, she adds, are easy targets. “Powerlessness, unemployment, ignorance and vulnerability in life lead to such exploitation,” she explains.

She says the defendant ‘deserves nothing but the highest sentence in the land’.

She wants the administration to take steps to put an end to these religious practices. “An appropriate law to this effect is needed at the moment. Educating the masses against such practices should start with school education,” she asserts.

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