Amendment failure a disappointment, but not the end, say bishops

A sign supporting Amendment 2, which was rejected by voters on Nov. 8, stood outside the Archdiocese of Louisville Pastoral Center on Election Day. (Recording photo by Marnie McAllister)

The Kentucky Catholic Conference and the state’s four Catholic bishops expressed disappointment after Kentucky voters narrowly rejected a constitutional amendment on abortion access.

But Catholic leaders also insisted in a November 9 statement that efforts “to increase respect for the dignity of every human life” must continue.

The failed measurement would have amendment to the constitution of kentucky to explicitly state that there is no constitutionally guaranteed right to abortion, nor does it require abortion funding.

The Kentucky Supreme Court is set to hear Nov. 15 two challenges to state abortion laws that bar the procedure except in medical emergencies. The court is invited to consider the constitutionality of these laws.

“We pray that the defeat of the amendment will not result in the courts assuming the role of determining public policy on abortion,” said the bishops’ statement, released by the Catholic conference Nov. 9. “The General Assembly is the right place to settle such deeply divisive issues.

The statement acknowledged that some voters had serious concerns about the amendment and indicated a desire to help all vulnerable Kentuckians.

“We must continue to insist on the legal protection of unborn human life, but we also stand ready to work with all people of goodwill to advance policies that support Kentuckians in vulnerable situations and that ensure access health care for all,” the statement said. .

While the Catholic Church works continuously to dismantle abortion in the United States, the Church also supports policies that protect women and children, such as protecting pregnant women in the workplace.

“The defeat of Amendment 2 is a cause for sadness, but also a call to redouble our efforts to ensure that every Kentuckian has the support they need to thrive. We renew our commitment to work with lawmakers to pass laws that protect the unborn child, support women and families, and respect human life and dignity at all stages of life.

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