4 Ways to Use Excel Macros in PPC to Save Time

4 Ways to Use Excel Macros in PPC to Save Time

Want to complete ongoing PPC tasks more quickly? Here are some ways to use Excel Macros that can save you time and help ensure accuracy.

How To Enable Some But NOT ALL Macros Automatically

�� Don’t trust all macros but want your own to run without question? Try this technique to get only the macros you want, running without Enable Content warnings.
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�� You can force enable content in excel and enable macros automatically for some, but not others, by following the instructions in this video. When you write advanced ecel macros for other user’s benefit you often want Excel to enable content without warning. It can be frustrating to get the Excel macros have been disabled warning because it will stop your Excel VBA code from working, unless the user clicks the Enable Content or Enable Macros button. You can use excel trusted locations to enable some macros automatically but not all. In a corporate environment you may have the same excel trusted locations for all users so by placing a file in this location you will enable macros automatically for this one file. You can’t enable some macros automatically but not others when they are within the same spreadsheet, but you can enable some, but not all, macros automatically when they are in sperate files as those files with excel trusted locations will enable macros automatically. Excel will remember this option and next time enable content without warning and stop the excel enable content warning / macros have been disabled warning. This is one way to force excel to enable content.

�� Microsoft Help Info:
You should use a trusted location to store a file when you don’t want that file to be checked by the Trust Center, or if you don’t want it to open in Protected View. This applies particularly to files with macros, data connections, ActiveX controls (what we call active content). If you think the active content in a file is from a reliable source, it’s better to move the file to a trusted location, instead of changing the default Trust Center settings to a less-safe macro security setting.

Add a trusted location
Click File – Options.
Click Trust Center – Trust Center Settings – Trusted Locations.
Click Add new location.
Click Browse to find the folder, select a folder, and then click OK.

Remove a trusted location
Click File – Options.
Click Trust Center – Trust Center Settings – Trusted Locations.
Select the location to be removed, and then click Remove, and then click OK.

Change a trusted location
Click File – Options.
Click Trust Center – Trust Center Settings – Trusted Locations.
In the Trusted Locations list, select a location, and then click Modify.

Make the modifications you want, and then click OK.

You’ve written a spreadsheet that you want your colleagues to use and you don’t want them to be reminded that they need to enable macros just want all that to happen automatically and the method I’m going to show you in this video could be exactly what you tell you what your spreadsheets to open with macros automatically enabled but you don’t really want every other spreadsheet in the entire world to do the same how can you do that and this method I’m going to show you is particularly good if you’re in on the same network as other people that are going to be opening your spreadsheet and you’re opening it from the same location so at by default you’ll probably find that you’re being asked to enable macros so for example if I open this workbook here it’s a simple macro in it it’s that giving me a security warning I click to test that macro it’s not going to let me do it says it’s disabled that’s just a pain so what I’m going to do now is show you a way that you can get this to run automatically without that security warning for anyone who’s on the same network as you and who has access to the same locations.

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Learn Macros in 7 Minutes (Microsoft Excel)

Here is the sample file: https://www.codybaldwin.com/sample-file-macros. Interested in learning more? You can use the following link to enroll in my course, “Become a Microsoft Excel Wizard in 1 Hour”: https://www.codybaldwin.com/excel-course.

Macros allow you to automate repetitive tasks in Microsoft Excel.

�� Excel Macros & VBA – Tutorial for Beginners

In this step-by-step overview, learn how you can eliminate repetitive and boring tasks in Microsoft Excel using something called macros and VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications. With macros, you can automate your work in Excel, which will help you save time and effort. Macros are an extremely powerful tool that will take your usage of Excel to the next level.

In this video, we’ll start with how to:
• Record a basic macro
• How to run your macro
• How to test your macro
• How to access your macro in any spreadsheet
• And even how to add if statements and loops, and we’ll look at multiple types of loops

�� Additional resources
– Sample spreadsheet to follow along: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AmxrofZZlZ-whM1lHtL2ouO72To4TQ?e=X7qHPp
– Excel shortcut keys: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/keyboard-shortcuts-in-excel-1798d9d5-842a-42b8-9c99-9b7213f0040f
– Learn the fundamentals of Excel in just 2 hours: https://kevinstratvert.thinkific.com

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:55 What is a macro & when should you create one?
3:28 Record basic macro
6:47 Run your macro
9:55 Save macro enabled workbook
10:30 Open macro workbook
11:12 Absolute vs. relative references
13:18 Edit the VBA code that powers your macro
18:32 Turn on developer tab
19:32 Personal macro workbook for anywhere access
22:11 View VBA code while recording
24:02 If statement
26:57 For loop
30:50 Input box
33:00 Do while & do until loops
35:57 Bring it all together example
47:01 Combine macros into one
48:33 Turn off screen updating
49:23 No undo for macros
49:42 Wrap up

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How to Create Macros in Excel Tutorial

Learn how to create a Macro in Microsoft Excel in this step-by-step tutorial video. As full disclosure, I work at Microsoft as a full-time employee.

Find out how to enable the developer pivot, which allows you to record and run macros. Learn how to record a simple macro that formats a spreadsheet. Watch how to save your spreadsheet so you can access your macros again in the future.

See all Excel tutorial videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlKpQrBME6xLYoubjOqowzcCCd0ivQVLY
– Learn the fundamentals of Excel in just 2 hours: https://kevinstratvert.thinkific.com

You can find the sheet that I used in this video here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AmxrofZZlZ-whIFRUc8KpMTt51LRuw