Governor of Bayelsa State, Douye Diri, worship at Lords Chosen Church

…. Testifies to personal reversals as well as in the state

Mary Nnah

Things took a different turn at the miracle-filled four-day crusade of the Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries which just ended in Lagos when Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri showed up with his entourage to worship God for the many changes he has experienced personally and in his state in recent times.

Lying prostrate on the altar in reverence to Almighty God before the General Overseer of the Lords Elect, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the Governor admitted that Pastor Muoka is one of the instruments God has used to transform his life and the Bayelsa State for good.

“We are happy to come to Mgbidi in Lagos this time. And we’re all gathered here again at the beginning of another year to worship God.

“The people of Bayelsa and the government of Bayelsa are proud of Lords Chosen Church. We are happy to be identified with the Lords Chosen Church and our dad, Pastor Lazurus Muoka,” Diri said.

Recognizing the sovereignty of Almighty God, Diri said, “We cannot worship anything other than Almighty God alone. I was here last year and many of you heard my testimony.

“I am not lying here to receive your cheers. I am lying here to fulfill a promise as a means of worshiping God that changed everything in my life and condition, Bayelsa and Dad (Pastor Muoka) was one of the instruments that was used in this great turnaround.

“So I have come to represent Bayelsa State and Bayelsa Government to say a very big thank you to Dad Lazarus Muoka. I appreciate you and I appreciate the church.

For many years, the Mgbidi Crusade of Charismatic Revival Ministries chosen by the Lord has always been held in Mgbidi, Oru West Local Council of Imo State.

The annual event takes place every first week of January and attracts devotees from different parts of the eastern region and the country, as well as devotees abroad.

The crusade ground serves as Jerusalem for people who come for spiritual rejuvenation or those seeking one form of miracle or the other and many of them have never been disappointed.

With high profile Nigerians including politicians, Nollywood entertainers, captains of industry honoring him every year, Mgbidi Crusade has become religious tourism as overseas devotees are seen in numbers with their children.

However, this year’s Mgbidi Crusade, titled “Mgbidi 2022 Lagos Experience”, has been moved from Imo State to the church headquarters in Ijesha, Lagos.

Pastor Muoka explained that holding the crusade this time in Lagos was divinely directed. “We are brought to have this program in Lagos and God must have a reason for it. We can only obey God as he leads us,” he noted.

Speaking on the topic “What God has determined must be done,” Muoka assured the huge congregational crowd that despite all the many challenges facing the world at the moment, victory is assured for Nigerians and other citizens of the world.

“I assure you that the victory is final, that there is no reason to fear or worry. God will be with you. He sees you; God will finish the work he started. As long as you unite with God, you will be limitless.

“As long as God is with us, we will succeed. I don’t know what you are looking for but God is up to the task.,

He is the only one who can do and undo… We are finally heading towards victory and heaven,” Muoka noted.

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