Australia’s Greek Orthodox bishops offer support to Ukrainians in need

At their 13th meeting, the Greek Orthodox Bishops of Australia resolved to support migrants fleeing fighting in Ukraine and included the offer of 30 scholarships for children of Ukrainian families.

The decision to provide support to Ukrainian migrants was taken on Monday, March 28, the first day of the Episcopal Assembly of the Holy Archdiocese of Australia, chaired by Archbishop Makarios of Australia. The bishops said scholarships and additional support were a priority.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the bishops expressed the Australian Church’s grief for the events unfolding in Ukraine and called on clergy and people to pray for an end to the war.

“Beyond our prayers and our moral support for our Ukrainian brothers, we also strive to be practically at their side. For this reason – and among others – we are offering 30 scholarships to children of Ukrainian immigrants, on a priority basis, to study in schools in the Holy Archdiocese of Australia,” they said in the statement.

They called on those responsible for events in Ukraine to “assume their responsibilities before God and before history”.

Patriarch Cyril of Moscow has asked for mediation to end the fighting between two Orthodox peoples.

“We ask the God of peace to enlighten those responsible so that they cease the fire of war and that Ukraine celebrates the resurrection before the glorious Resurrection of our Christ,” the bishops conclude in their communiqué.

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